Fibreglass Custom Mould

Fibreglass is a modern product, It’s fast replacing traditional materials like steel, wood, aluminum and other plastics in many applications in almost every major industry. If you’re wondering whether fibreglass can deliver superior performance and long lasting durability, you are right.

We have successfully made moulds for companies so they can manufacture its products of all sizes and shapes such as park and pool slides, car panels and concrete seats.

As an experienced fibreglass repairs and fabrication company, we can make a wide range of parts for:

  • Boats, caravans and truck panels
  • Cars, utes and motorbikes
  • Bumper bars, single wheel arches and tandem wheel arches to shower bases.
  • Refurbishment of fibreglass moulds

For boat applications, hand laid fibreglass moulding is often the way to go. Parts can be produced and the finished product is also lighter, stronger, and in most cases cheaper than something manufactured from an alternative material such as steel, add on this it will last far longer.

For more information about our mould-making capabilities contact us directly 07 3266 2786 or