Gel Coat

Boat Detailing is very important for the long lasting of the boat Gel Coat and paint, as well to protect your investment for the long run. The interior of the boat, the vinyl and many other areas on your boat always will need constant attention while exposing to the outdoor elements.

Gel coat is very strong and should last for years with the correct maintenance. Leave unprotected and gel coat will suffer severe damage from the Queensland sun and salt, eventually lose its ability to protect the fibreglass underneath.

Unprotected fibreglass will deteriorate with time and you will see signs of what we call “Spiders cracks” on the gel coat means the Fibreglass is cracking and loses it strength.

Many Boaters try to do the detailing them self however often it will be disappointing to find out that not all came out as planned.

For very bad heavy oxidation we need to start with wet sanding the surface, that depends on the thickness of the gel coat, we can’t always recommend sanding. In some cases of years of neglection, there are two ways to go:  Painting or re Gel- Coat. Also using the right products for your boat is important since like any business the variety and competition is always confusing.

When it comes to boat detailing, it requires experience and patience. Invest in the superior fibreglass treatment for your boat and we will make your boat shine again!

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